Monday, July 11, 2011

Before pictures

This is just outside the classroom. All of this will have to be moved back into the classroom!

View from front door.

The red shelves are the class library. I'm going to move these in front of the back cabinets and move the math cabinet in between the 2 tall bookcases. Would love to have this better organized!

I'm going to move the class library in front of these cabinets, putting the shelves back to back.

This is where we had our math meeting last year. This year, I plan on doing our math meeting completely on the SMARTboard! I want to set this area up as a small group meeting area instead.

Here's the SMARTboard and whiteboard.

Finally, my "desk" sits in front of this cabinet. I actually use a table with rolling drawers! My goal is to keep this cabinet organized and clutter-free!

I'll post more pictures as I get the classroom ready. :)

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